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Mr. Ghesquière, perhaps the most respected designer of his generation, had left a conspicuous void in the world of fashion since his abrupt and unceremonious exit from Balenciaga, his home of 15 years, in November 2012. His tenure at the house was unquestionably influential. Tom Ford has said that he “single-handedly resurrected” Balenciaga, and entire blogs sprang up to slap his copycat peers on the wrist, reminding them that Balenciaga Did It First.

Mr. Ghesquière did not shy away from reminding them, either. The soundtrack for the Vuitton show included “Copy Cat” by Skream, which begins, “Oh come here, copycat! You’re my puppet, you know I love it!”

“We thought the lyrics were a bit sharp, but it’s Paris, baby,” said the D.J. Michel Gaubert, who selected and mixed the music for the show.

Nicole Phelps, the executive editor of, said: “Certainly there are designers who belong to the Balenciaga school, who grew up when he was running the place and took their cues, obvious and subtle, from him. I think Alexander Wang and the Proenza Schouler designers were at the perfect age to be looking at him. He was their god in a way.” (Mr. Wang ultimately succeeded him as the designer of Balenciaga.)


At The End, a New Start: Nicholas Ghesquière debuts new Louis Vuitton Collection (via taysut)

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